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Estate Sales

We generate today's cash values from the sale of probate real estate and living estate assets. After a loved one passes away, it is a difficult and stressful time. Executors find themselves responsible for the settlement of the estate and needing guidance on how to proceed. This is where Jim Shores is ready to help.

Jim's auction team are your full-service Estate Auctioneer's. They will custom design a plan to help with your loved one's estate; whether it's assisting with cataloging items in the home or conducting an online auction using today's newest technology.

Let Jim Shores minimize your stress and maximize your auction results.



I handle many types of auctions:
- Antique Auctions
- Collectible Auctions
- Farm & Ranch Auctions
- Real Estate Auctions
- Personal Property Auctions

and that's just a few!

Online Auctions

Live Auctions

Live & Online Auctions

Live On-Site Auctions

Real Estate Auctions

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